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When I was in high school we had to take family living. This class was a joke but I do remember one thing from it. I can’t remember the context of the question, but it was about television. The teacher asked how many TVs were in everyone’s house. It went something like this.

“Raise your hand if you do not have any TVs in your home.”

Silence.  A room full of blank expressions.

“Ok.  Raise your hand if you have only 1 TV.”

I raise my hand, look around.  I am the only one raising my hand.

“If you have 2 TVs.”

Again no one raises their hand.

“3 TVs.”

Several people raise their hands.

“4 TVs.”

A few more hands.

“5 or more TVs.”

The ones who had yet to raise their hands did.

It was shocking to me.  Not only did I have the fewest amount of TVs, but everyone had at least three!!  I seemed to be some sort of anomaly.  I failed to mention that my television was older then me too.

Growing up this meant we had to agree on what we were going to watch.  Sometimes this was easy, and sometimes it wasn’t.  My mother always held the final say.  It meant I never watched 90210 (The original, not this new one.) like my friends did.  But I did watch Dr. Quinn.  When I was about 15, my mom acquired a free TV from her job.  It went up in her room where it was seldom used.

Things haven’t really changed around here.

Again I was reminded of just how different my family is in regards to TV.  We had the cable guy out because of our sluggish internet connection.  He’s asking about our other televisions.  I’m like what do you mean.  I’m supposed to have other TVs.  One isn’t sufficient?  We have cable… at least the basic package.  Quite the collection of DVDs and Blockbuster Total Access.  There is plenty of TV watching, but why do I need more then one?

How many TVs do you have?


Happy New Year!

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What? You say it’s March.  Phi-sh.  It’s the new year baby and Treasure Map time.  Aries New Moon was yesterday and that marks the beginning of the year according to astrologers.

So what comes with the new year?

Resolutions of course.  You know.  You resolve to loose 10 lbs.  You exercise for a week and then life interrupts.  Or remember how you resolved to quit smoking.  Yeah, how much did that pack cost you?

That’s January 1st and since this is March we do things a little different.  We Treasure Map.  For a full explanation visit Tracy’s Astro Salon, the lady who first introduced me to the concept.

Quick instructions:

Get a piece of poster board, scissors and glue.  (This can be done before the new moon.)

Buy a bunch of magazines.  (Should be done after the new moon.)

Cut out pictures or words that speak to you.  Things you would like to manifest in the following year.

Paste on poster board.

Hang where you will see daily.

That’s it.  Go about your life.  Follow your gut and next year take stock of what you have received.

This is my first “official” treasure map, but I’ve been doing something similar on and off for years.


Just an FYI.  The ideal time to do your TM is during the new moon.  It started yesterday and will end tomorrow.  So don’t delay.

Kids say the darndest things

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“I don’t like your nebbles.  They’re spicy.”  Little boy referring to my sister’s cough drops.

When I grow up…

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I’ve started painting again.  It is both thrilling and terrifying.  A couple of weeks back I had a dream about a painting that I was going to do.  I woke up and it was still vividly in my mind.  Just one problem.  My creative life went on vacation when my daughter arrived.

Maybe we should go back a little farther.  I was always interested in architecture and thought that’s what I wanted to do when I grew up.  I took my classes in high school with that future in mind.  My senior year I took a lone basic art class to help me build a portfolio.  With Mr. L I did my first painting…(not including elementary works of art) and much to my surprise it was good.  It was of a pumpkin and it actually looked like a pumpkin.

I did a few more that year and then as planned I went to study architecture the following year.

What wasn’t planned was that I was more interested in what all the art majors were doing and less with the architecture stuff.  So a year… that’s all it took and I was done… never to return.  But it’d still be another 5 before I realized my dream of being an architect was not my own, but my father’s.  That’s what he should have done, but I thought he’d love me if I did it.

I took some time off and later found myself at the local county college studying computer animation.  Very cool field, but again I found myself more interested in the traditional art.  As with all majors there are the pre-req’s before you get to what you really want to learn and mine included basic drawing and 2d design.  With the help of some really excellent professors I started to realize my calling in the arts.

The internal struggle had begun.  My heart was calling out, “Major in fine arts.  You’ll love it.  It’ll be challenging, but a good kind of challenging.  You’ll push yourself.”  Then my head, which sounds an awful lot like my family, piped in with, “You know they call them starving artists for a reason.  How are you going to support yourself?  Only a few people really make money with their art.”

Then I found out I was pregnant and it was all pushed back in to the recesses of my mind, not to resurface again until now.  Things are a little different now.  It’s not just about what I want anymore.  I have 3 young kids and they look to me to take care of them.  So the war in my head rages on.  But it seems a peace treaty is forming.  Maybe the two sides can agree to me majoring in art education.  I get all the fine arts but I also get the steady job and paycheck, plus the same schedule as my kids.  Yes I think the treaty is close to being signed.

On Screen

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Kayla said to me, “Mommy I want to be in the tv.”  And inside I let out a little giggle.  I was instantly brought back to when she was 2 and she told me the same thing.  She was standing on a chair trying to climb into the tv.

Now 3 years later it has come up again.  I told her, “Honey you’ll have to listen to the director and do what he says.”

She thought for a minute and then, “I’ll wait til I’m bigger.”

Ok.  Sounds like a good idea.

25 things about me

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1.  What do you get when you cross Lorelai Gilmore and Dharma Finklestein?  Apparently me.  Or at least that’s how my ex would describe me.

2.  I hate being called Christine, but I always introduce myself that way.

3.  I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 9, because I think meat tastes gross.

4.  I own a suede coat.(I know I just offended a bunch of vegetarians out there.  Feel free to read another blog.)

5.  In fifth grade I did more pull ups then every boy in school.

6.  I’m lucky if I can do one now.

7.  My first kiss was when I was 17.

8.  I drive stick.

9.  I have 3 kids.

10.  I’m a Pisces, Gemini rising.

11.  I get carded when I buy lottery tickets.

12.  I have at least 2 cups of coffee a day.

13.  I got a full scholarship to Pratt Institute to study architecture.

14.  I only went for 1 year.

15.  I crochet.

16.  I love getting mail.

17.  When I was 13 I wrote down every movie I could remember seeing.  At the time it was well over 300.  I’m sure I’m in the thousands now.

18.  I won’t drive in NYC, because everytime I do, something happens to my car.

19.  My favorite painting is Starry Night by Van Gogh.

20.  I went sky diving when I was 19.

21.  I wrote the alphabet and my name under the desk in the kitchen when I was little.  My mom never knew… until I told her 20 years later.

22.  I can tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue.

23.  I used to be really blonde… then I had kids.

24.  I used to stay home from school so I could watch Quantum Leap reruns.

25.  I’ve owned at least a dozen car seats.

Very accurate blog name

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Things I wasn’t planning on doing this year… or ever

1.  cutting out dairy

2.  joining a convent

Well, I think I’m good on #2.  They don’t typically let women with 3 young children in.  But I have no personal experience on the matter, so I could be wrong.

But that first one for me is a doozy.  I am a cheese obsessed loving vegetarian.  Most of the meals I make involve a healthy dose of cheese.  Like this past Sunday I made Lasagna with Broccoli and Carrots from The Complete Italian Vegetarian Cookbook.  It is yummy and I’ve got leftovers in the fridge for lunch.  Mmmmm.

So me and the kids are sitting eating dinner.  I look at my son and his face is all red and blotchy.  I take his dinner away, clean his face off and give him a healthy dose of vitamin C.  My sister, the doctor in training, thinks it was contact dermatitis since he reacted where he had smeared food all over himself.  After a few minutes he was fine.   Now he has had this dish and everything in it before.  I didn’t get creative and try any new ingredients.

While it could be any of the ingredients that he reacted to I have a strong feeling it is the dairy.  As a nursling he was so sensitive to dairy that I couldn’t have any.  Unless I was ok with a screaming child and no sleep.  Since that was not ok with me I eliminated dairy for the first year of his life.  After a year I could have my beloved cheese again, but we still waited to introduce it into his diet.  We did eventually and thought all was good.

So here we are today and we’re going dairy free again.  Yes I could still have cheese, when the kids aren’t around but I only cook one meal.  If you don’t like it you don’t have to eat.  I do not cook kids’ meals and adult meals.  I feel that if I want my kids to eat a variety of healthy foods I have to offer them that and they have to see me eat it also.  Plus if I have it in the house little man is going to scream and cry climb in the fridge and get it.

Today we are going to restock the pantry and fridge with all the dairy free goodies that I was forced to buy before.  Back to the label reading and trekking out to Whole Foods.  Anyone want 12 sticks of butter?  There have been some good sales recently so I stocked up.  Sigh.

“The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.”

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We’ve all heard it.  It’s true.  No matter how good are plans are.  How thoroughly they are thought out.  There is always something unaccounted for that makes life just a little bit interesting.

I had big plans for my life.  As a teenager I dreamed of the day I would finally leave home and begin my life.  I’d go to school and be successful and rich.  Travel and see the world.  I would be free.

Well things didn’t quite pan out that way.  And I couldn’t have planned it better.  There have been lots of bumps in this road I am travelling.  The wrong turn has put me down a pathI couldn’t have found on a map and didn’t even know existed.  But the sights I see along the way are worth it.

So I’ve scrapped my carefully laid plans and am sitting with an empty canvas, adding things as I go along.  If you stick around you can be a part of it all with me.  Welcome to The Unplanned Life.