Happy New Year!

In Uncategorized on March 27, 2009 at 5:06 pm

What? You say it’s March.  Phi-sh.  It’s the new year baby and Treasure Map time.  Aries New Moon was yesterday and that marks the beginning of the year according to astrologers.

So what comes with the new year?

Resolutions of course.  You know.  You resolve to loose 10 lbs.  You exercise for a week and then life interrupts.  Or remember how you resolved to quit smoking.  Yeah, how much did that pack cost you?

That’s January 1st and since this is March we do things a little different.  We Treasure Map.  For a full explanation visit Tracy’s Astro Salon, the lady who first introduced me to the concept.

Quick instructions:

Get a piece of poster board, scissors and glue.  (This can be done before the new moon.)

Buy a bunch of magazines.  (Should be done after the new moon.)

Cut out pictures or words that speak to you.  Things you would like to manifest in the following year.

Paste on poster board.

Hang where you will see daily.

That’s it.  Go about your life.  Follow your gut and next year take stock of what you have received.

This is my first “official” treasure map, but I’ve been doing something similar on and off for years.


Just an FYI.  The ideal time to do your TM is during the new moon.  It started yesterday and will end tomorrow.  So don’t delay.


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